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We hope you enjoy our photo album, a collection of snapshots taken just for fun. Please check out the Our Dogs page for the photos and accomplishments of some of our outstanding German Shepherd Dogs!

Additional photos (just for fun) may be seen in our Guest Gallery

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Star vom Hasenborn
"The good life"

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Yoshi vom hohlen Hügel

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Left: Lisle
Right: Klaus

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Left to right: Stormy, Disko, and Nova

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Left to right: Cynosure and Gwydion

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Left: Young adult GSD enjoying a winter day.
Right: 8 week old puppy.

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Ginny and her pups.

The adaptable German Shepherd dog is at home where ever he goes!

"Mika" enjoying a rest on a park bench, perfectly at home in the city!
In the city ...
"Gina" enjoying a hike in the sunshine.
In the country ...
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At the beach ...
A german shepherd puppy racing around the yard.  This is "Synergy", the same dog can be seen a few photos down, all grown up and lounging on the furniture!
In the yard ...
German shepherds make excellent family pets, as can be seen here!
Alone, or with friends ...
A german shepherd dog making himself at home (who would dare disturb him?).  This is "Synergy", the same dog racing through the garden above.
On the furniture ...
But the very best place of all is ...
One thing you can be sure to expect from your German Shepherd Dog - lots of loyal affection!

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The German Shepherd Dog is at home with all members of the family.

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