Notes from Happy Owners

Below are a few of the many notes received from owners of hohlen Hügel German Shepherd dogs.

January 2018
"I have to tell you how amazing our dog is - his name is Murphy. I couldn’t imagine a better companion, we love him so much. He loves to learn, play, go on adventures, and he especially loves to cuddle! Everyone that meets him loves him - he’s very popular and is always getting compliments on his demeanor at the vet, his doggie daycare, and the park. I call him an old soul - he definitely has his puppy moments but he’s very calm and nurturing. He’s working very hard to win over the love of our two cats. He makes us laugh all day and is always up for hugs and belly rubs. He’s a beautiful dog!! Also, I wanted to thank you for answering all my emails in great detail, and giving us as much information as you did when we brought home our puppy - plus answering any questions! I had done tons of research before taking him home but talking with you and all the advice you gave us really helped me feel confident and comfortable bringing home our puppy."
Ashley & Mike

September 2017
"I just wanted to give you an update on my dogs. They are doing fantastic I couldn't be any happier and I'm sure they couldn't be happier. My Tucker is definitely a homebody he loves his family but mostly loves his mama. Coco is extremely intelligent and likes to be outside with her nose as high as they can in the wind. They get along very very well. Although they have their moments when they like to be a little mischievous I wouldn't expect anything less lol. Thank you again they are fantastic dogs!!!"

April 2017
"She is the type of dog we can take anywhere and often do. We really love her sweetness and gentleness she is a very very special girl and has us all enchanted. She is exactly what i was looking for she is such a great fit to our family. Thank you Beth."

March 2017
"It is with great appreciation that I write to you. In the summer of 2002, my husband and I adopted a German Shepherd from you. To this day she is a thriving 14 1/2 year old beauty. Throughout her life, she has proven to be very loyal, confident and protective... a true German Shepherd! She has had very few health issues and is a true testament to excellent breeding. We will continue to enjoy each and everyday with her. Thank you for proving us with such a quality dog, friend and family member."

February 2017
"Well we are 5 months in on having our Ruger!!! We just love him so much!! Wanted to give you a update and some pics!! He's beautiful!!! He's the sunshine of my life!!! "
Shirley & Mike

December 2016
"Zoey is now 8 months old. She is very healthy and is doing great. She's absolutely fantastic and we love her so much. She's a really smart dog who continues to surprise us with how fast she is able to learn new things. She has bonded with us from the very first day and we love going on long walks with her, and see her explore the world. And boy is she gorgeous - I don't know how many people have stopped to compliment her when we're out walking. Some have even pulled over! Thanks again for giving us such a special dog. We're forever grateful."

October 2016
"It is with great appreciation that I write to you. In the summer of 2002, my husband and I adopted a German Shepherd from you. To this day she is a thriving 14 1/2 year old beauty. Throughout her life she has proven to be very loyal, confident and protective...a true German Shepherd! She has had very few health issues and is a true testament to excellent breeding. We will continue to enjoy each and everyday with her. Thank you for providing us with such a quality dog, friend and family member."

August 2016
"I read your blog ... It was beautiful! I can only imagine how difficult it will be when the time comes for me to say goodbye to this magnificent companion of mine. She is the laughter in my life. She is stunning in appearance and full of life and vigor. She has had no official behavior training but understands and complies to basically any command. I opted not to have her trained because I just love her the way she is. In my lifetime, I have owned 9 dogs... She is my 4th shepherd. Although I loved each and every one of them, not one comes close in my heart to this one. As much as she fills my life, I am always thankful for the opportunity you gave us to give her a good life. I know there will come a day when I need to fill another void in my life and we will meet again! That void will be a very difficult one to fill if ever, but I would never even consider another breeder. Ziva is the "star" in my heart. Forever grateful."

July 2016
"Thomas is now 6 1/2 where does the time go.? He is well trained in obedience and loves to work for me. Every where I take him someone stops to make a big fuss over him. I must have given your name out a couple hundred times as everyone wants to know where did I get such a beautiful and great temperament dog? He loves kids, adults , elderly and quite good with other dogs. I do think I missed his calling by not training him in tracking. What a nose on that dog !!!! I don't want to think of a day I don't have a GSD in my life. Let me rephrase that, don't want to think of a day I don't have one of your GSDs in my life. Oh,almost forgot you should see him nearly drive the car. He sits in the front passenger seat and acts like a back seat driver! At night if I am out walking him I feel so safe as no one not anyone would want to touch me. Beth you sure do breed wonderful GS. Thomas is one of the greatest dogs I have ever met let alone own. Thank you. Thank you."

June 2016
Rocky almost made it to his 13th birthday (July 18th).  This dog was as much a part of our family as any one of the 3 of us.  He gave us more love and joy in these 13 years than any owner could ask for.  Anyone who knew him knew how special he was and we have you to thank for picking out this very special baby for us to love and care for."
Amy, Eddie, Tyler

April 2016
"Shasta is Officially the HAPPIEST DOG IN THE WORLD, according to the girls that groom her! We are having a lot of fun with her. When she has had enough training she lets us know! And she is the first dog (out of 10) that would do a recall from 50 feet away and come straight in with a smile on her face! She has a long way to go but it's SO nice to see that kind of potential."

February 2016
"Having Odin in our lives has been such a fabulous experience, I could never have imagined how incredibly rewarding my bond is with him."

February 2016
"We're celebrating our Clover's 5th birthday today. I just want to send you my thanks for the opportunity to have the sweet, amazingly intelligent, fun loving companion that Clover is. Every day with her is a joy!"

January 2016
"It has been 6 weeks since I picked up my beautiful girl from you. She is such a wonderful, intelligent, playful big girl. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Everything I hoped for and more!"

May 2015
"We are so proud of hawk..what a wonderful dog you gave us!! He is a great ambassador for the breed and so loved by all. thank you .. He will be 8 in august..YIKES..time flies . Hope all is well with you and family. Please keep up your breeding program. "

Hawk   Hawk   Hawk   Hawk   Hawk   Hawk   Hawk  

May 2015
"Both of us were just here playing with Lyna and thought we should give you a quick update. We LOVE this dog!! Lyna will be 5 in June so she may quiet down a little but right now she is full of energy and pushes us to go out and play even in some of nature’s worst weather (like this last winter). She is underutilized because she could have been used for agility, tracking or a service dog but we appreciate her just being our dog…. A pet. We always get comments on how beautiful she is and how well behaved she is (if they only knew). Thank You for breeding this very special dog!! "

April 2015
"We cannot thank you enough for this marvelous young man! He is 2 years old today and he has been nothing but a Joy! You are a great representation of the breed with your dogs. "

April 2015
"It is hard to believe that it has been almost 5 years since we saw you and brought Libby home. She has been the most amazing addition to our family. Everyone absolutely loves her. She is a fantastic companion for our three boys and just has the sweetest disposition. People stop us on the street to say how beautiful she is. "
Suzanne & Mike

April 2015
"As it turned out, he was the most amazing dog ever. You told me that he would stop traffic, and he literally did. I will never forget the first time a cop pulled over, got out of the car and called me over. I thought I had done something wrong, but he just wanted to pet Ando! He was sweet and loving, gentle and calm (for the most part) and had just the amount of energy and drive for a dog living in Boston. He was easily trained and was quickly able to be left alone without a crate because he wasn't destructive at all."

January 2015
"I just want you to know that our Clover, now almost four years old, is such a joy! She is full of enthusiasm, is active and healthy, and just loves her family. I hope you will be able to see the photo below that my daughter took yesterday -- it is so typical of Clover's joie de vivre! Her intelligence doesn't let her miss a thing, either. What a delight she is! -- I think of you often with so many thanks."

Dercember 2014
"Thank you for Hanna, my 13 year old friend who recently passed away. She was a wonderful companion and a exceptionally dedicated German Shepherd that I got from you back in 2001. I could not have ask for more, she was everything you could ask for and more, always willing to do anything and everything with you and for you. WHAT A DOG!!! I think she liked to learn more than anything, She loved spending time working with the SAR group and later as a Therapy Dog. As you can tell, I miss her, and always will. Again thanks for her, and your contributions as a breeder and upholding the standards of the breed. "

November 2014
"Gunnar has been a true blessing to our family. I am not sure how we functioned without him. We take him almost everywhere with us and are always being stopped by someone commenting on how spectacular looking he his. His temperament matches his looks. He loves to play with our children and all the neighborhood children, too. We have passed your name to several families who are considering a German Shepherd. "

November 2014
"I wanted to give you a progress report on Buddy B. He is such a handsome fellow. Everyplace we take him people want to come and see him. They all say the same thing, that he is the best looking German Shepherd that they have ever seen.....and he is so friendly! He has graduated from puppy, and intermediate training and has worked out every Sunday for the last 5 weeks with a personal trainer who is great. There are times I wonder if I should have gotten two pups from you. "

August 2014
"I cannot tell you how many people that see Alex just marvel over how handsome he is. We could not be any happier with

 both his looks and his personality. He is wonderful! "

July 2014
"I am still so in love with my Ziva Girl! She is beautiful and doing so well. She is the hands down best dog I have ever owned including our 4 shepherds. She is just a crazy cuddly stunning thing. I will be forever indebted to you ... "

May 2014
" Ender is a BIG BOY- with a mind of incredible brilliance and paws like saucers. Ender's attentiveness to his master (Andrew) is frankly amazing! His PAT was a sight to behold. I kept stopping to admire his sleek body and his quick, lithe movements - it took my breath away. He was continually making eye contact with his dad while also keeping an eye on the environment, and paying attention to everything Andrew told him to do! Ender executed every single command on demand, even going so as far as sitting down without being asked when we stopped. I noticed something amazing about Ender- he was blocking (covering) expertly when someone came too close. When I knocked my arm on a shelf, Ender stopped immediately to look at me. When Ender moved his huge head into my field of vision, I had a chance to look at his features.. his eyes were shining with love for his dad, intelligence and curiosity. What can I say other than WOW! AMAZING! "

Written by the administrator of an Aptitude Test about a Hollow Hills dog (Khatadin vom hohlen Huegel, call name "Ender", from Aiobheann x Orus) who is in training as a service dog

May 2014
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased my family and I are with Jinx. He is the best dog! Everyone comments on how beautiful he is and the neighbors can't believe how well behaved he is! He gets along with everybody! Well, except squirrels. He loves playing ball and walking in the park with us. I found the paper you filled out on the personality we were looking for in our puppy. It is amazing how dead on you got it! Jinx is everything we asked for and more! Thank you again for the great addition to our family! "

April 2014
"Alex turns 1 today and we wanted you to know he is everything we could have wanted in a dog. I'm sure you'll see us again! "

November 2013
"Thought that you might enjoy an update on how Tasha is doing as a 3 year old. We started doing pet therapy visiting. Tasha loves all the attention and they love seeing her. She’s very friendly and loves getting pets and hugs from everyone there - she leans into people like a cat wanting attention. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the appropriate dog to do so I’m enjoying it too. She loves people so much that it works for us. Our assigned pet therapy coordinator said that we were one of the best teams that she’s seen. This was a huge compliment as prior to meeting Tasha, she was afraid of German Shepherds due to a bad experience when she was little. I told her that I hoped that we could change her mind after she met Tasha….and we did! "

November 2013
"Axel has been our dream puppy -- we all love him so much! He is amazing with my kids and is unbelievably patient with my 3 year old, who is constantly snuggling him. Axel is thriving well, weighing roughly 83 pounds now. He's a big, strong pup. We have a trainer who has been coming to our house once a week for the last couple of months for obedience training. Axel is always willing to participate, and he is well on his way to becoming a beautifully trained dog. We are having so much fun with Axel, and our trainer thinks he is one of the best GSD that he has ever seen. We are truly blessed to have Axel in our lives! "

November 2013
"Beau is doing great. Best dog I ever had!! Love him to death! "

October 2013
"I get so many compliments on how beautiful, friendly, smart and other nice things that Tasha is. She is a big (and wonderful) part of my life. She has such personality – she’s a little stinker a lot of the time – and as such has been teaching me patience but I love that kind of dog. "

October 2013
"My Boyfriend and I got a German Shepard as a puppy from Beth Dorton Dillenbeck of Hollow Hills Shepherds. He's over 3 years old now. We live in Brooklyn. New York, so we needed a big Dog to protect my little 100 pound self in our neighborhood, in the dark. And let me tell you, he's done wonders! No one comes near me anymore. They keep a good distance away. Why? Because my Dog looks scary :) Little do they know, he is a Gentle Giant. Or, a Wooly Mammoth, is what I like to call him. Hes just a big lap dog! Of course, we don't want anyone knowing that ;) So shhhh!! Anyways, even though he started life in the quiet countryside at Hollow Hills, he has molded entirely to fit into my Concrete Jungle. My Dog is amazing with kids. He is very loyal, affectionate, and smart as can be. My experience has been amazing and I owe it all to Hollow Hills Shepherd's. Thank you! "

September 2013
"Beau is the dog I always wanted!! He is so smart. I did obedience training with him and within 3 weeks he was ahead of the class. Everyone, I mean everyone, loves him and asks where I got him. I always refer them to you! You do a great job Beth and I will always refer people to you. Thanks again. "

September 2013
"Every day I look at (Juno, I) am so grateful to have this powerful, beautiful, lovey animal in my life. I am grateful for the work you do with your dogs. I wish I could have 10 of them living with me!! So thank you, Beth, for being a part of bring Juno into the world. We're going to have hamburger birthday cake tonight!! "

June 2012
"Every day I look at (Juno, I) am so grateful to have this powerful, beautiful, lovey animal in my life. I am grateful for the work you do with your dogs. I wish I could have 10 of them living with me!! So thank you, Beth, for being a part of bring Juno into the world. We're going to have hamburger birthday cake tonight!! "

June 2012
"Paulette & I could not be more happy with our selection of Breeder and Dog. Cado has more character than two dogs put together."
Jim & Paulette

June 2012
"For the last 10 years and 7 months Thor has been an essential part of our family, and he loved nothing more than running the trails with the boys, or playing ball, or just hanging out in their rooms. He was the most extraordinary dog. Not only was he the most beautiful German Shepherd I've ever seen, he was the most extraordinarily friendly and loving dog. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. The neighbors loved him. Strangers loved him. Little girls in the neighborhood came over and asked whether he could come out to play. He barked fiercely when anyone knocked on the door, but once they were welcomed into the house, he welcomed them as friends.

Thank you for this extraordinary dog. He had a great heart and a great soul.
We are grateful for the 10 wonderful years. He will never be forgotten."

"It is wonderful that there are breeders like you, raising extraordinary dogs, and matching them so well to the people they should share their lives with."
Annette & Family


March 2012
"This is the fourth dog I have gotten from you and all of them have been nothing short of amazing."   

November 2011
"Yesterday morning, with a very heavy heart, I finally said goodbye to Chara, my beloved 14 1/2 year old GSD. Shewas my working SAR dog, my biggest fan and most loyal companion - a highly driven, stubborn reflection of myself. She lived the fullest life any dog could ever hope for. We backpacked everywhere from the Sierras to the Cascades to the Colorado Rockies. We found lost hikers, suicide and drowning victims. We camped with NASA astronauts and dedicated Columbia Peak to the victims of the Columbia disaster. We taught countless children how not to get lost inthe woods.We taught Military Working Dog Handlers canine first aid for the field. She was my "guinea pig" for learning anatomy in vet school, laser and manual therapy, chiropractic, nutritional supplements and arthritis medications. She was the inspiration for all that I have done professionally. No doubt many patients in the future will benefit from what she has taught me. As those of you who are working dog handlers know, losing your partner is like losing your right arm. They are such a part of you that you only really realize the vacuum left behind until they are gone. Thanks to everyone for your support and friendship over the last 6 months' roller coaster ride with her. It's nice to be surrounded by "dog people" every day who really understand and respect the deep bond that you can develop with an animal. I will miss her deeply, the stubborn little donkey..."   

October 2011
"I think Ziva is finally calming down and I have to say, I'm not sure I can get used to this. I love the fact that she's been such a terror child, and always loved her antics, she perpetually makes me laugh. She is so charming and intelligent, it's evident in every one of her expressions. She's also very comical. She's actually learning how to "play dead". THAT....can make anyone burst into laughter! She goes to the park at least once a day and swims about twice a week. She is a water rat. She actually pushed her male shepherd playmate off a dock into the reservoir with one paw. He's 95 pounds and towers over her. (She's 70). My son laughs every time they are together and claims, "she could destroy him if she was serious." She is such a tom boy!!!! Quite agile. Anyway...we love having her in our lives She is the most lovable and beautiful shepherd in the world. Trust she is living a good life... Thank you always"   

October 2011
"Ze’evi turned 5 years old this past week, and she is doing great as ever. And she is making us just as happy as the day when she came here. She’s a lot of dog, and more dog than any of my previous 4 Shepherds; much to adore and love."   

July 2011
"We took her to puppy classes and she graduated like a true champ. The first time was at puppy class the trainer said he was going to have a great time with her because she is so fearless. He did ask were we got her and gushed over her for a while. Since then, I think we have corrected this problem. Bert and I could not be more happy (Nico and Sasha seem happy too!). She is everything you said and more. She is incredibly smart...if she sees Nico getting a treat or affection she will run over and do what he is doing as to get the same reward. She has all her basic commands down pat and is really doing well with some off leash commands. On those few occasions that she doesn't come immediately when called, all we do is tell Nico to get his girl and he will run over to her and corral her to us, it's great, we have our own personal baby sitter : ) Sasha is doing well with the create. The very first time we put her in it she just went to sleep, no crying or barking..again, amazing. She knows when it is time for us to go to work in the morning as she will sit in the kitchen and wait for me to get the treats out, then will proceed to escort me to her create. I tell her to get in, she walks in, sits down and waits quietly until I decide to give her the has been this way since day 1...absolutely amazing. Her confidence is amazing. She could care less about thunder or fireworks. She loves people and thinks that every person was put on this earth to give her love and pet her. This is where she shows the most stubbornness as she just doesn't understand why she shouldn't be allowed to kiss everyone"   
Cathy & Bert

July 2011
"Ike continues to be an amazing GSD. Smart, gorgeous, sweet, protective, fun, and a pleasure all around!!!!!! I am still in awe of his capabilities, intellect and beauty. He brings so much to our family life! He is my hiking companion and buddy. I lost count of the many people who stopped us and commented on his outstanding looks. I know that we are like proud parents, but I can't find another GSD in the "GSD Quarterly" or the "GSD Review" who can hold a candle to him. In a flash he can size up a person or situation. Your breeding is superb. I can't believe we neutered him!"   

May 2011
"Dena is doing well, I have lost sight in my left eye and have a stability issue with my right leg. Dena has completed training to help me and has been the most wonderful animal, she is smarter than I ever expected, also she loves her new job. We travel together everywhere, she flew on an airplane with me in the front row to Florida for treatment, she was so well behaved that people didn't know she was there. She knows how to take me to an elevator and which one is coming. She is now a registered service animal. Thought you would like to know, she is the best animal I have ever had as a companion. I am not sure what I would do without her now."   

March 2011
"I was just hugging Tao and thought I would drop you a note to let you know how happy we are with him. He has been a very loved member of our family for years now. And I can't tell you what a wonderful dog he is. The kids and I all adore him and I want to say a sincere thank you."   

March 2011
"Rikka has been such a wonderful dog - the best we've ever had in 28 years - I want to commend you, Beth, on your professional demeanor and your amazing willingness to help us. I've communicated with a few breeders over the past few months, and they don't hold a candle to you! You are THE BEST!"   

February 2011
"Jada is the best dog anyone could ask for. Loyal, protective and just such a well-behaved and HAPPY dog. She's also very spoiled! *smile*"   

December 2010
"I can't say enough how much I adore her! She really takes her job as a companion dog very seriously. When I am home, I am her designated companion and that means she is usually within 2 feet of me. I love how she tilts her head when I talk to her. She is very good at finding things when you ask her to. (sometimes she gets words crisscrossed, today I told her to go find Eva (my daughter) and she thought I said Diva (the cat) . Understandable mistake... You said that she would probably be the best dog I will ever have; I can't imagine how any dog could surpass her. "  

December 2010
"You may remember that about 7 years ago, we adopted your Xanadu (we renamed her Rikka) from you. She has been THE BEST shepherd we've ever had, and we've had them in our family for over 27 years! Yours are the best shepherds anywhere! "  

September 2010
" I lost my beloved friend and companion, Jetta (Hollow Hills Niobe). She attained her CDX title, and Canine Good Citizenship. You may remember, she accompanied me to my court. She carried files between me and my 4 secretaries. She knew them by name. Attorneys would often ask me to show their clients how Jetta “worked” in our office. (so they would believe them!) She touched many people. She is truly missed by everyone. "  

June 2010
"I wanted to send you an updated photo of Dakota. We adopted her in March 09. As you can see by the photo she is absolutely stunning! I know it's impossible to remember everyone who purchases one of your GSDs, but I wanted to thank you for spending the amount of time you did with my husband and myself after we lost our last GSD. She is our 3rd GSD. The education you've provided us on the breed is invaluable. Dakota has grown into an absolutely gorgeous GSD. She is perfect in every way. We receive compliment after compliment about her looks and her behavior. I love her sooooo much and am so very attached to her. She and my rescue dog, Samson, are inseparable. Additonally, I've recommend your website to those who are interested in the breed. I am very thankful to my co-worker who recommended you as he has two GSDs from your kennel. Thanks again! Take good care. "  
Cathy and Andy
Mine Hill, New Jersey  

May 2010
"Bruno has been with Michelle & me now for five weeks. I personally have had GSD’s most of my life. Bruno is now our third together. I have found that they share certain characteristics that are part of the breed and then they all have more personal characteristics that make them individual from the others. Bruno has given us so much pleasure already. He is very bright and seems quite intuitive. He is quick to learn and wants to be challenged. Bruno is very social with people and other dogs of all ages and sizes. He receives many compliments on his behavior from people that meet him, and most folks seem to be enamored by him. He is doing great in his obedience class as the youngest dog. He is a joy to have in our lives and we take him everywhere we can with us. Beth, it’s easy now to see all the time and energy that you have put into each of your dogs and how the lucky recipients of one of your dogs reaps the rewards of your efforts. We are looking forward to many years of sharing life experiences with Bruno as one of our pack. "  
Nick & Michelle  

March 2010
" Oh, also wanted to tell you that we receive compliments on Orrie all the time. Matter of fact, I took her to the vet last week for her 6 month checkup. Dr Barnett said Orrie is a great representation of what GSD should be. She is calm and friendly and not hyper (except if you have a frisbee, definitely her high reward toy). She said most GSD she sees dont behave nearly as well as she does Just wanted to share that with you. ;-) "  

February 2010
" I wanted to take a moment to update you on how Schatze has been doing!! She is a big girl now - almost 63 lbs! She is doing terrifically! We did finish her basic obedience, and I will go more advanced obedience a bit in the future with her. She looks so much like her parents, especially Xico! Everywhere we go people FAWN all Mariaover her & she eats it all up! "  

January 2010
"We wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that Layla is doing wonderful. She has settled in very nicely and seems to really enjoy being here. The dachshunds are getting more comfortable with her and so are the cats (which she does not chase anymore). She loves to go for walks (nudging me exactly at 6:00 a.m. every morning for our walk) and playing in the yard. She also loves to play with all of the different toys she has, especially the soft ones. She is doing terrific in her training and knows all of the basic obedience commands now. We could not be any happier with her she is such a wonderful part of our family. We love her so much. Credit goes to you for breeding and raising such a wonderful dog. "  
Richard & Ashley  

September 2009
"Omar is a big fuzzy bear now - almost 7 months old. Still very mischievous and playful but with a very sweet disposition - not a bit of aggression to people or animals. He is very steady and reliable in all kinds of strange situations. We are doing SAR training and he shows signs of being a good tracking trailing dog. Really intelligent, and seems to have great scenting ability, focus and drive to work. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to have this wonderful companion and teammate. "  

July 2009
"I can't say enough about her! She is just awesome...I really am thinking, down the line, about therapy work for her - I think that would be a great job for her when she is old enough! PS, my dad - you met him - was NEVER a dog person but he LOVES Schatze. He has (had) the mindset that all she'll do is poop in the house, bark and chew (well, she chews, but only on appropriate toys). She really doesn't bark, unless she's playing w/ other dogs - and that's not too much....and she has not had an accident in a long time - so he's hooked! I could go on and on!!!! "  

July 2009
"Sabre is wonderful. She is, without a doubt, our best shepherd, ever. I thought Rommel would be hard to beat. She beats him. She is so affectionate. Plus, she responds to voice and hand commands. People and dogs will walk by and she will be lying in the grass out front and I'll simply say "stay" and she remains steadfast. If she is walking in front of me (off leash) and gets, maybe, ten yards in front, I say "hey" and she stops and waits for me. You'd be proud of her. I'd love to have another dog; however, honestly, am a little concerned that I might be disappointed should it not compare favorably with Sabre. She has raised the bar so high. She is absolutely trouble-free. I think you'll agree she is beautiful. "  

June 2009
"Today we laid to rest our beloved friend and family member - he will be so missed. My son and I came out to your place to pick out and take home our new pup (Kenai). Soon after we had him home, my wife passed away from cander. But she so loved that pup - now they are once again together. I just wanted to say thank you for providing my family with such a noble friend and companion for my son, Dave, for nearly thirteen years of his life. "  

June 2009
"He's everything I could have wished, playful, inquisitive, kind disposition, a dream to train, and so beautiful. I've actually had people stop their cars when I'm walking him and ask where I got him. Course, I tell them about you and Hollow Hills. Thank you so much! "  

April 2009
"You probably don't remember me, but in October 2005 I purchased a GSD puppy from you. I couldn't have been more pleased in my experiences with you and your kennel and the dog, Fenway, is my loyal and constant companion. "  

April 2009
" Hawk is so good at his new competition obedience class in the evening. He passed his TDI test & now is an official visitor at the nursing home & will soon be a reading dog in a local school where my other past dogs participated on a weekly basis. There are numerous people who comment on his soft eyes & are certain he is a gentle soul & they are correct. Our club sponsored Leslie Nelson & her assistant Anne for a seminar which was wonderful. Leslie called him majestic & told all that this is the type of GSD people want when they purchase one. She has a camp "-Gone to the Dogs" in Conn. & a large training center where she sees numerous GSD's that are not of his quality. She noted how he calmly processed information & actually executed in spite of all the distractions. Also she was able to handle as well as hug the boy- Yes I was proud !! We are so thankful for your breeding, & informed all about Hollow Hills. Hawk has been such a wonderful addition to our family & he is a tribute to the German shepherd breed. "  

March 2009
"I’m one of those clients who Star won over. I’m sorry for your loss. When we came to view the litter and meet Kai, I was really unsure of the breed of GSD, and Star took my pinky and pulled so that I would play with him with the rope on the tree. Kai has that in her genes as well. She always grabs my pinky, ever so slightly, and she too believes she is a lap dog. She is so connected to us…It’s unbelievable. We also have a border collie which is such a great companion to Kai. The border collie (Buddee) is very cat like…he’s very affectionate but on his own planet. Kai is simply amazing!!! Just thought you might like to know that every day we are so appreciative of her. Your shepherds are so incredible. We took Kai for a herding test and she excelled!!! We were taking Buddee but the herder asked to test Kai as well. Buddee did okay…but Kai super excelled. She wanted to know where she came from and if she was fixed. We gave her your information."  

March 2009
"Thor is doing great he's 19 months now about 90 pounds and people still tell me what a great looking dog he is. He is really everything I've always wanted in a dog. "  

January 2009
"Max is GREAT!  We have had shepherds in our home since 1975 and Max is far and away the best we have known.  He is a close and constant companion to Linda and I throughout every day.  He is a great dog with a disposition as kind as any I have seen.  He loves the grand children and is totally involved with them during their frequent visits."  

December 2008
"When I remember how you asked us to describe the kind of dog we wanted, I realize how Leo is everything we wanted - and more.  He is big and beautiful, with his coat of many colors.  He is smart and playful, so much so that he wears me out with his games of chase, tug-of-war (he always wins), hide and seek (I sometimes win) and stick (the bigger, the better).  He is sweet and loving, and we are so thankful that he is part of our family."  
Martha and John  

December 2008
"After having had four previous German Shepherd dogs in  my lifetime, I thought I had seen them all.  WRONG.  (X)Ze’evi, who is the product of the Teejay/Brianne match back in 2006, is the most lovable of the bunch.  She is the sweetest dog I have ever been around.  She follows us wherever we go, always seeking – and getting – our attention and care, and has the most amazing personality.  She “knows” when we’re not feeling well and snuggles up to us and warms our insides with her cuddleness.  And what a dog:  She has the strength of any 2-3 of the largest dogs that she plays with, has boundless energy and can exercise for hours on end. She spends a fair amount of time in a “doggie day care” facility and exercises all of the other dogs all day long.  While she is understandably a “Cujo”-type of dog whenever any stranger comes to the door, once she has had an opportunity to “smell” the stranger and confirm the fact that the guest is indeed welcome i nto our home (about 2-3 seconds), Ze’evi becomes the guest’s sweetheart, desiring -- and getting -- that person’s attention.  Even our most dog-fearing guests fall in love with her during their visits.  I have no doubt that Ze’evi’s wonderful traits are the product of her gene makeup and not just the result of her social upbringing! "

October 2008
"I am very sorry to hear about Star - last time we spoke I had asked you how he was doing. Kevin turned 9 this summer and is doing well. I wanted to let you know that Sheba is perfect, the complete package.  She has more friends in Aspen then I do. She is crazy about my fiancé and her son and spends all day with them doing activities.  I can't thank you enough. She loves all kids, dogs, and people but is protective at the house with just the right balance. You told me her mother Zola was playful but I have never seen anything like this; it is so funny and fun. Speak to you soon and thank you again she was the perfect addition to the family."
Steven and Lilly

August 2008
"I am proud to announce Mr. Hawk passed his  CGC test a few weeks ago!! He did a great job.  He will be eligible to take the TDI test after 8/27  so that will be his next challenge (Mine not his)!  He is such a great dog & a wonderful companion who can go anywhere with ease. Today he was at our summer dog club party &  there were so many compliments on his  appearance, conformation & wonderful temperament. We love him & thanks again for your breeding program. "
Dick &  Mary

July 2008
"Here are some pictures of Max, the best puppy ever! He also has the best personality ever. He is amazing. He gets excited when he meets people, even strangers and he plays with the others until they get tired and tell him to stop (he does), and he gets along with strange dogs. He goes to doggie day care 1 day a week, he went to Iowa with us for a week, and he is signed up for puppy obedience training in Sept. He is truly a joy, and we love him tremendously. Thank you!!"

May 2008
Dear Beth,
"Just thought you'd be interested to hear that we recently boarded Rikka for the first time with a woman who is the former head of Canine Working Companions in the Central NY area.  She was so impressed with Rikka - she said that she is the best German Shepherd she has ever "met".  She also said that you obviously do a wonderful job in your breeding program.  And I have a lot of respect for this woman's opinion - obviously, I agreed wholeheartedly with her! Again, many many thanks, Beth, for our Rikkagirl!"

May 2008
"We are so happy with our gorgeous German Shepherd DOGS!!!! These are the best dogs. They are endlessly delightful. Words can't convey the deep heart joy at being with these intelligent & beautiful animals. We are in LOVE with Juno and Xanto!! (You've got the BEST GSDogs!!)"
Darlene & Richard

May 2008
"I'm having second thoughts about neutering him because he's so nearly perfect in terms of temperament just as he is. Trish said this is a dog you really don't want to neuter! Get his hips and elbows done, and if they're good, he needs to go into the gene pool. He's so handsome and he has such a great temperament that we need him in the GSD gene pool. Wow! Coming from anyone, that would be a supreme compliment. Coming from Trish, who really prefers high drive working dogs (and is a terrific nearly-all-positive trainer by the way), it felt even better. The result is that I'll wait a little while before I think of neutering him."

April 2008
"You deserve to share the bragging rights with Tyl and me.  Tyl and I have been out and about St. Louis this month at dog massage classes and dog "whisperer" obedience classes. Wherever Tyl goes, he is welcome.  The obedience trainer says he is the most sound German Shepherd he has ever seen. All the owners at the dog massage classes wanted their old dogs to have social time with Tyl.  Of course you know he is an outstanding dog.  We just wanted to share the praise we are getting. Congrats to both of us Beth for breeding and raising an outstanding Waldana puppy."

April 2008
"You breed amazing dogs. I have never known a dog more intelligent, expressive and intuitive. Every day I am in awe of his nature and intellect. I guess I can't say enough. We just love him so much. Wish I could have more than one!"

March 2008
"You have such beautiful dogs & as one woman in town noted-'Now this is a real German shepherd!' Numerous friends, strangers etc. note his conformation  &  admire his hindquarters. Yes, we are proud owners of the Hawk man. He has the Giddy temperament & mom's retrieving skills along with a very loving disposition. He is now 6 months & completed his puppy class where he did  very well. He goes to  a supervised pet day care for  a few hours weekly & loves all the dogs . He  is so excited when we arrive at the pet lodge he can barely contain himself. The staff loves his attitude  & he is a joy to handle.  Yes, we  love him & he is such an important member of the family.  Keep up your good work with the breeding & we are so thankful for our sweet Hawk."
Dick &  Mary

February 2008
"I'm writing to say hello and to tell you that we are very happy with Fernando.  I don't know why long-hair GSDs are excluded from showing: now that I have Fernando, I find these guys much more beautiful and elegant than the short-hair ones. Please keep up the excellent breeding program; you're creating masterpieces!"

November 2007
"Hawk is eligible to attend the supervised puppy play hour at the vet's pet lodge. He was wonderful with the dogs, as well as the staff & visitors. Many ask "Where did he come from?" & we give them the details. They are so impressed with his conformation, calmness & gentleness, which they find highly unusual in an 11 week old pup. He recently attended our 2 yr. old grandson's birthday party & was a gentleman. No "mistakes" in the house or blood drawn on fingers. He loves to give kisses & lick fingers with remnants of cake!! I set up a small tunnel, bridge & jump (Don"t worry Gra, as they are no more than an inch off the ground) which he loves going thru every morning after his first AM walk. Guess you can tell his socialization is moving along as planned & we are so pleased. Thanks again for giving us our Hawkman Beth-keep up the good work!"
Dick & Mar

November 2007
"Thor is exactly what I wanted and we couldn't be happier with him. He's beautiful, smart, and great with the kids. Everyone we see comments on him--people actually pull their cars over to say what a beautiful puppy he is."

October 2007
Juno is more fabulous everyday. We really love having her with us. She's a sweetheart and so gorgeous. It's fun watching her coat change. -- She's getting a speckled cape on her back and there's brown growing on her tail. Her pigment is rich and it looks like she's getting a nice thick ruff like Stano's! And she's strong and getting bigger evey second. (She weighs 44 pounds!) We took her for an hour walk yesterday and she still had tons of energy when we got home. As for her personality, she is equally sweet and independant. She is a huge flirt with Richard (a bit annoying as I do all the work and he gets all the ecstatic affection!!). She has an open attitude towards other dogs and people and is always friendly.

October 2007
Just to let you know, I am so pleased with Kracker. He is a WONDERFUL pup, and by the way, the most beautiful and smartest in the puppy class too!!
Take care Beth and thanks again for my two fabulous dogs

August 2007
In a word, (Sabre) is a DELIGHT. She does you proud and you would certainly smile if you were to see her go through her "routine." Not that you probably need a reference, but, if you every do, I hope you won't hesitate to use us. We believe in what you do and how you do it--and the results show it!

August 2007
Well Beth I think you succeeded in creating the perfect GS pup!!! What an amazing puppy!! I love this guy!!
In two days he has captured the hearts of the entire family....Thanks for the great job you do with perpetuating the quality of the breed, Beth. I love both of my GSDs.

June 2007
Dear Beth,
I just want to thank you once again for giving us Rikka - it's been almost 4 years since we visited you and Rikka has been part of our family. She is the best dog we've ever had, and we love her to pieces. She rules the household - our two males are her devoted companions. She is "in love" with our grandsons; actually, she gets more excited to see anyone who comes to visit us than she does us. She's also the smartest dog we've ever had. You'll recall that she will be 5 on September 11th. Every time we drive to Florida I salute you and your "German Shepherd Heaven" as I call it as we pass Clark Summit. Thanks so much for our Rikkagirl!

June 2007
Quick update. The boy is happy and so are we. So smart. So pretty. So affectionate. What a personality. What a little bugger at times ! (Maddie needed a new pair of flip flops anyway. ) Formal training starts in a few weeks. He is responding more each day to our efforts. We love him.
Joe P

June 2007
Maya is 5 months now and is doing wonderful. She is doing great in her obedience training, she is very eager to learn. She is wonderful with my 2 boys who are 10 and 7, she wakes them every morning with kisses. She has a lot of energy and loves to run around the yard with the kids. She has quite the personality, we just love her. She goes with us to the boys' baseball games and can just sit quietly with no fuss. We are so happy to have her.
We are so happy that we found hollow hills.
Thank you.
Tim and Jennifer

April 2007
Zylo is stunningly beautiful witha lovely temperament packed with boundless energy. She travels very well and sleeps in her crate each evening. She is housetrained and has completed a Basic Dog Obedience Class in Williamsport. She appears to be very intelligent and prefers the multitask of having a toy in mouth as well as a second one for her paws. You would be very proud of her!

March 2007

February 2007
Just wanted you to know that "Daisy" turned out to be a wonderful dog. Anyone who sees her comments on her size (108 lbs) and beauty. She looks very much like her father "Stano" and has a lot of drive. At the same time, she is very gentle with our cats and completely ignores their hissing and growling. I think she believes it is beneath her to even acknowledge them. She loves playing with my daughter's lab and is always very gentle. Her favorite place is on the couch with her head in somebody's lap. Thanks for a great dog!!! PS She still has her "baby" the pink elephant you gave her.

February 2007
We see a few GSD puppies in our travels & classes & they do not hold a candle to Kurt -we are prejudiced but not blind!!
Kurt is great ---we are so proud of him & love him so much.
He is so smart - I was at the kitchen table working & he was near the sink- looked at me, (looked) at sink- I worked on -- he then tried to jump up to sink - I got up, checked the water dish --empty -- what a dog!!
Kurt goes once a week into the medical center & entertains the staff & a few patients - they love him -he helped me offer puppy info to a few 2nd graders at Lake Placid Elementary school-he received many kisses & gave them too--he walks the main street in Lake Placid & meets people from all over -they remark on his good looks & temperament-goes right up to the person & sits politely for a friendly pet. He is in a weekly puppy class --we are used to demo -- they love his attention at the watch command-it is intense --yes!
-we are so lucky to have him -he is such a lover -can not give us enough kisses--thanks so much Beth
dick & mare

January 2007
Just wanted to let you know Kurt is doing fantastic-he met a group of club dogs at a square dancing practice -- the dogs will dance at our winter carnival - he was cool . All were impressed by him & noted his attention & courage in such a new situation. One of our head trainers & breeders said he was the best gsd puppy she has ever seen. she breeds goldens - (field trial dogs) & also is very particular regarding those who purchase her puppies. I have been socializing Kurt just about daily & he has adjusted so well to all the various experiences- he is so loved & all want to know about his breeding.
Thanks for giving us a great puppy.
Dick & Mary

December 2006
Brogan is great, he has responded incredibly well to crate training, with only one accident yesterday. He has adjusted and is a happy member of our family. He is very smart and is responding to basic commands without even working on any training, he is being walked with a leash and collar with ease. He follows "his mommy" everywhere and Sharon of course "hates it". We are so pleased and he appears to be also.

December 2006
We absolutely love this dog. He has developed the most wonderful personality. He is always happy, always ready to play, gets along well with everybody, is fast friends with Mika with whom he does almost everything (and he defers to her dominance), is very quick to respond to admonitions, is very confident and noble, is exceptionally strong, is very pleasing to the eye, and with his rich, lustrous, slightly long and soft hair, always invites stroking. No one ever sees this dog without commenting on his beauty. I have begun to take him to my office one-day-a-week.
Jeffrey, Ph.D.

November 2006
Hi Beth,
I've just come back from our evening constitutional with Randy. We were about to cross the main street in town when a woman pulled over in a big SUV and said, "That's a beautiful dog! I love a Shepherd. Oh, my God, that's a beautiful dog!" I always try to be modest and say, "That's Randy!" Sometimes I mention that his Daddy is from Germany, and if I have time I give you a plug. He seems to catch people off guard and they're moved to spontaneous exclamations!

November 2006
Hi Beth
Well Ajax had his first birthday on Thanksgiving as you know so we wanted to let you know he continues to be the most amazing dog we could ever have hoped for and is an incredibly important part of the family. As always he continues to amaze us with his steady nature, intelligence and amazing looks. He is such a faithful and loyal companion and a true joy to have. We always get so many compliments on him and Hollow Hills I think is becoming a well known name down here in Annapolis as everyone always wants to know where we got him from. We've been keeping up his training and he really enjoys the short but seemingly effective sessions we have. With all the time at the dog park and also walking through Annapolis he's really become very steady around people although he's still quick to let people know he's in the house with a solid bark and what an amazing bark it is!
Health wise he has been in great shape and a favourite at the vets when we take him in for checkups. His coat has continued to darken up and he is absolutely stunning but I admit to being just a tad biased and perhaps a little gushy!
All the best
Mark, Cathy and Ajax aka Syd

October 2006
Hi Beth,
Pleased to report that we finished our AKC Rally Excellent title On Oct 7th in Horsham.
We had a score of 97 which was good enough for 4th place All Breed. However, run in conjunction with Del Valley GSD Club Specialty - we were awarded First Place for the German Shepards.
There were about 22 dogs entered all breed, & a good number of Shepards, so I was pleased with that.
And of course Vanja received some nice compliments from a few folks. She is a looker! I do have some good photos almost ready to send to you - hopefully by next week.
So now Vanja has a CDX, AKC Rally Excellent, and an APDT Rally Level 2.
Never expected all of that, but it looks like we might try to go just a little bit further.
If she's up to it - then so am I !!!
Susan & Vanja

October 2006
Tsar was a remarkable dog and a much loved member of our family for thirteen years. While I did not have the time to do so I think he would have taken to Schutzhund training. We thank you because your breeding skills and interview allowed us to obtain an animal that fit our family perfectly. Tsar was so handsome, intelligent and well behaved that we had many, many offers to breed him.
Bruce & Daria

October 2006
Xena is doing great. We have been working on basic obedience and some hide and seek. I have contacted Strike K-9 in West Milton about her and I'm waiting to hear from them. I'm sure they can help me with her training. I am very happy with her. She listens when given a command. She finds things when I hide them outside. She is well behaved in large crowds. She is turning out to be the perfect dog for search and rescue.

October 2006
Our trainer said she would like to clone him and have a copy of him for all of her classes.

September 2006
Samson is doing really well. He has the best temperament, better than I ever dreamed a puppy could be. He was amazing when I took him to Rachel's school, incredibly gentle greeting all of the elementary children. He's the fastest learner. Sit, stay, and down, by the end of the first week. He walks at our side without pulling. When walking off the leash with my sister and her two dogs, he stays with the pack. Even when two deer crossed the road in front of us, he just stood and watched. He loves to swim; we're going to try a boat ride next. When we first got home he had a huge fear of moving cars. (Not all together a bad thing.) We taught him to move to the grass at the side of the road and sit while cars pass. It's funny because sometimes he'll hit the ground before I even notice the car coming. Housebreaking went well; he's very good about sitting at the door when he wants to go out. Ernesto got him over his objection to going out in the rain. If I could get him to stop trying to eat mulch things would be perfect.
Take care,

September 2006
There's so much more I could write about this wonderful dog. I know you've heard and read all these things from other customers. He's affectionate, feisty yet very manageable, full of puppy energy, yet he learns the important things almost intuitively once they're shown to him. It's a treat to have him in the family. He has a delightful ability to entertain himself when he wants to - just now he was out in the yard, in the pouring rain (which he loves) having a "zoom" all by himself.

August 2006
It seems that almost everywhere we go people make comments like "he's a beauty". Janet remarked recently that "he's the Perfect Puppy". She meant it. Put that up on your website!

August 2006
(Jake) turned five in May,and is truly a great dog and a testament to your impeccable care and breeding. At least once a week someone will stop me and say what a gorgeous dog you have!!! He is about 125lbs and 33 inches at the shoulder. Beautiful markings and a wonderful personality and character.

August 2006
Katja was such an integral part of our family and so loved. We miss her ! People would always comment on what a beautiful dog she was. She was so smart. She loved people (not so thrilled with other dogs). We sit on a hill and have a 70 acre farm with cows and horses and rolling hills adjacent to our home and she just loved to "shepherd" the cows, and keep all of the little bunnies, groundhogs, and critters out of our yard. And she would sit regally at the highest part of our backyard and survey the "lower 40" as we called it. She was in charge and this was her land!

August 2006
Tyson continues to be the greatest Joy- he has the most tremendous looks and personality. had his rabies shot several weeks ago and the vet said and I quote "He is perfect" and we agree whole heartedly!

July 2006
He's as close to perfect as anything gets - smart as they come, feisty but very manageable, and surprisingly affectionate.

July 2006
We call him "Hemi" for Mayhem. What an amazing dog, he is sooo brite. Temperament is perfect. We vacumed, he looked up, fell back asleep. He is already used to a leash, I have him walking up a plank onto a bench and he already knows how to retrieve, when he feels like it. His latest "TOY" is a 7 foot-1 inch link chain. I took it down out of a tree from an old workout heavy bag. He grabbed hold of it, began barking and growling while he drug it around the yard. Now everytime he sees it, he plays with it. I caught myself spoiling him, had a Family Meeting, and started taking back control of the house and schedule. We're having a blast, Thanks again.

July 2006
He was a wonderful dog and kept his sweet disposition to the end. He was loving, intelligent, brave and was good with people and dogs (and a terror to anything else). I couldn't have asked for anything more in a dog except more time. I guess thats not a bad epitaph.

July 2006
Xena got high marks from the vet. He used to raise German Shepherds and was very impressed with her. I am very happy with her. You picked the perfect dog for me. Thank you so much.
Ken 7-10

July 2006
"Hi Beth,
Just a quick note to let you know that Tyson is doing great and growing like a weed. He's now 6 mos old and absolutely gorgeous and his temperament is to die for. We take him everywhere, he loves kids, adults and has now been introduced to another dog (friends ridgeback) and horses"
Chris, Hilde, & Allie

June 2006
"He's such a wonderful dog, especially when it comes to our daughter. At 2 1/2 years old, of course she [daughter] wants to play with him and they often tire each other out by chasing one another around the house. In August, we're expecting a second child, so there will be more adjustments to be made with the dog and the dynamics at home. If his demeanor with our daughter is any indication, we should have no problem with him and the newborn. He really is a beautiful dog and we get compliments about him everywhere we go. All in all, we couldn't imagine our home without him and are really glad that he's a part of our family."

June 1, 2006
"Just a quick note to tell you that Wyatt has been a tremendous addition to the family and is having a great time. Stays very close to his home and is protective of his family as we are of him. Absolutely loves Tennis Balls and we exercise him daily using the balls (already went through 3/4 of a case of them). He is most happy with lots of exercise and when all the boys are home. Really loves Joey who was the toughest for Wyatt to win over -- now they're the best of friends. Wyatt always sleeps in Joey's bedroom when he comes home. His athleticism is truly unbelievable.!!!"
Jim & Michelle

April 24, 2006
"It's been just under a year since we picked up our puppy from you, June 4th was the exact date. Our puppy, we named Penny, has turned into quite the young lady. My husband, Bob, and I look at her at least once a day and think how glad we are that we found you and your dogs, as we cannot say enough good things about her."
Suzanne and Bob

March 17, 2006
"He is a dream and even better than we expected!"
Phil & Lauri

December 18, 2005
"She has now 'graduated' into being one of my demo/interaction dogs for client dogs. She did a very good job with socializing a 5 month old GSD yesterday, and showed her manners to the dog's owners. I am so happy that she has such a fabulous temperament! We talk often about how you knew exactly what she was, what we wanted, and what a perfect match it is. Thank you yet again! :)"

November 30, 2005
"His heart is unmistakable and his devotion to his pack unquestionable. He does everything we ask of him. There are moments with him that can't be explained, only felt by owner and dog. Like sometimes as dusk falls, while the deep purple sky gives way to the darkness surrounding the forest, Trapper will suddenly stop and air scent, lifting his great nose to the sky. Then, he'll simply sit and look toward the forest. I'll kneel next to him. He leans against me and nuzzles my neck softly. There is a calmness and a certainty with him...I pat his chest and lean back against him...We stay this way for a moment or's amazing..."

October 12, 2005
"As with all my emails to you, I can't begin to tell you what a magnificent animal Trapper is. Gentle, trustworthy, willing to please, and absolutely loveable."
Paula & Suzanne

August 29, 2005
"I had to write today on Gunther's 2nd birthday, to let you know what a wonderful dog he had turned out to be. He's smart and playful while always being obedient. We enjoy him immensely."

August 28, 2005
"We feel we got the perfect puppy."

August 20, 2005
"The vet and her staff love him, and can't believe what a great disposition he has."

August 9, 2005
"Kai (Cai) is doing very well. She is such a good baby girl. She is so caring for our aging golden retriever, she constantly is checking up on him and will play very gently with him."

August 9, 2005
"We have really settled into having this breed as part of the family and I don't know if I could ever go with any other breed!!! I'm really enjoying everything about her; even when she takes something that I am currently using and walks around with it in her mouth and waits for me to look at her! She then immediately drops it and prances around. She doesn't shred anything in the house! I really love having her in our life."

June 19, 2005
    "I adore Aine!!! She, like "wild thing", has lots and lots of drive....and I love it! She is very sweet, loving, smart, fearless, and naughty! I have Aine enrolled in a puppy class in July. I'll do some inquiring about more advanced training once I connect with the kennel club. The Canidae dog food is very nice; my lab loves it too. That makes feeding quite a bit easier. Conrad, the kitty, and Aine are having a great time playing and wrestling with one another. So glad I got them together. Thanks again, Beth for a wonderful puppy. She's gorgeous too!!"

May 23, 2005
    "No matter where we go to shows, I get compliments on what a good looking Shepherd dog she is.
    I have never had a dog with so much energy & drive. Her recovery time after a hard day's work is about 5 minutes. Always ready to do something -She keeps me on the move. She's GREAT with my young grandchildren. She has claimed them as her own.
    I am truly having a good time with this dog. I try to train her. She teaches me patience.
    We're having fun!!"

May 7, 2005
    "I have honestly never had a puppy so well behaved."

May 5, 2005
    "I am simply loving her and so is everyone else. She is very well behaved for a pup, it's only the normal chewing and some floor puddles, other than that she sits, she lays down and sleeps wherever I am. Even when she runs with the kids she doesn't knock them down she just runs and chases them and they love it. We are doing great and we absolutely love her. She is a fantastic puppy, sweet, loving, no aggression at all, and actually better behaved than my collie and my kids!!!"

April 28, 2005
    "Oh, by the way, our Vet and her staff were so impressed with Trapper that she included your kennel in his records. They have never seen such a well adjusted German shepherd! They were impressed at his confidence, his curiosity, and his acceptance of their handling him...(listening to his heart, injecting his shots, checking his ears, his teeth, his structure...) The Dr said, "Wow, I'm impressed....where did you get him....we rarely see shepherds like him...he isn't whining, he isn't timid, he doesn't cower....we'd love to refer your breeder.....He's amazing...what a great dog!" And honestly, I know they are sincere. Theirs is a fairly large clinic (for this area) with 6 female DVM's and several techs. Usually very busy....When Trapper and I were there, there were actually 4 gals doting all over him....he loved it!. 3 vet techs and the Dr...They couldn't get enough of him...."

April 23, 2005
    "We took Trapper to the "big city" Sunday. Burlington is where I'm originally from and where my parents and my sisters and their families live. They hadn't as yet met the little fellow. Trapper played wiffle ball with 4 teenagers, played "show ring dog" with my 7 yr old niece, (responding marvelously to training commands from a child), contently laying on the deck with the "adults" during happy hour, and was introduced to his first hydraulic wheelchair....(someday he'll push it)...
    Jack is my 4 yr old disabled nephew. Profoundly deaf, and unable to walk, are just a few of Jack's issues. But he can sit upright on his own and at one point in the evening after dinner, Jack was sitting on the kitchen floor crying...Trapper trotted up to him and gave him a quick nuzzle on the cheek. Jack stopped crying...Trapper wagged his tail and sat....Jack began to fuss again, Trapper licked him. Jack stopped. It was a very tender moment between boy and pup. And again, a profound demonstration of the extraordinary temperment from one of your litters."

April 16, 2005
    "Ripley is the most beautiful GSD that we have ever owned. Rips temperament is excellent. Wilma and Rips have been in training for Search and Rescue. Rips passed her good K-9 Citizen Test last year and my wife and Rip are in SAR Training.
    Again, We just love her!!!!!!! We are sending your website to a friend of ours who is interested in a GSD. The BEST DOG in the World."
Stan & Wilma

April 13, 2005
    "You should see your little Trapper....his ears are totally upright now....he is doing so fantastic...In puppy class he is doing the tunnel and A frame....he loves the A frame...out of all the pups there, you can't help but notice his superior breeding...his structure, his gait, his temperament, his ability to perform."
Paula T.

April 5, 2005
    "He is magnificant....simply magnificant...while we were observing him with the other pups, we couldn't help but notice how profoundly awesome he was...especially when compared to the other female GSD in the class...."

March 13, 2005
    "He is just a terrific dog. He's very smart, and has a great temperament. Thanks for such a great dog."
Debbie & Jack W.

April 4, 2004
    "Kahless has been with us for 3 ½ months and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is simply perfect for us!"
Bob D.

January 20, 2004
    "thanks again for the great dog !  He is exactly what I had hoped my West German male would be.  We could not be more pleased!!!!"
Kevin D., re: "Timber" Aidan vom hohlen Huegel

September 30, 2003
    "She is a joy. She sleeps in our bed every night, watches TV in a lazy boy recliner. I know you know your dogs, but she is very "special". She is so smart, she has never had an accident in the house. We have had great German Shepherds but this one beats them all."
Anne Marie and John D.

August 24, 2003
    "Thank you so much Beth.  I would not even consider getting a dog from anyone other than you.  Hope was exceptional."
    "We've owned many German Shepherds previously, and Hope was by far the best dog we've ever owned".
Judy Z.

July 2003
    "Beth, I want to personally thank you again. I cannot tell you how happy getting RIGGS has made Debbie. He is our pride and joy and it truly has made the loss of Storm a lot easier to deal with."
    "He is an awesome puppy!!!!! We could not be happier with him and we talk about how worth it it was to do business with a professional."
    "He's unbelievable! We could not be happier though. He's EVERYTHING we wanted in a dog. He's adapted instantly to our personalities and we've adapted to his. He's fun, loveable, active, playful"
    "We play with him every night when we get home and by the way, he was amazingly simple to house train. It was almost as if he knew as soon as he got to our house the very first time, that he was suppose to go outside if he "had to go". He only had 2 accidents in the house which we blame ourselves for as he was by the door and trying to let us know."
Pat H.

August 2002
    "I'm really pleased with everything about him" "I guess you can tell how pleased I am with him by the way I go on"
Fran E.

July 2002
    "Great compliments to you for your excellent medical record keeping. The vet indicated that she wished all pets were seen in his condition, in great condition, no abmormalities and with excellent records. Thank you so very much".
Jean A., PA

July 2002
    "I just wanted to let you know how thoroughly happy we are with the wonderful puppy we got from you! He's nearly nine months old now and we love him dearly. He's beautiful and has a wonderful loving temperament. He loves people"
Annette R., PA

June 2002
    We have had Major for one week and he has exceeded all of my expectations. He had his puppy visit to the Vet and everything was fine including his behavior. He seems to adjust well to every situation he is exposed to"
    "I want to thank you very much for everything. I read the entire package you provided and found it to be very informative. It is really a pleasure buying a puppy from you. You cover all bases."
Fran E., PA

June 2002
"I have been meaning to write to you for the past 2 days to thank you for doing such a fantastic job of choosing our pup. He is everything we hoped for, and more! Max is so lovable, adorable and affectionate. He's absolutely precious.Of course, everyone loves him!! I can not possibly tell you how happy I am with Max. He was certainly worth every minute of the wait!
Renne G.

April 17, 2002
    "Every pet is special- but there is always 'THE ONE' and I am telling you she was that, not only for me, but my family also and then some."
    "Beth, you have done an amazing job with your breeding program. Tori stood as an example of great beauty, strength, loyalty, and extremely high intelligence. Never did she have any health complications (hips either)"
Susan C., Stroudsburg, PA

April 15, 2002
    I must tell you that I am impressed. I have spent alot of time on deciding where to purchase a new puppy. You provided me with thorough material and seem much more informative and professional than most of the breeders I've been talking to."
    "I am being very selective and so far I am the most impressed with your kennel."
Debra B., Easton, PA

January 2002
    "She was a WONDERFUL companion. She had a personality unlike any other dog I have ever met. She was friendly to everyone that she met, but saved the petting and open adoration for me. It amazed me how she would acknowledge strangers with an air of nobility and slight interest, but never let anyone misunderstand that she was with me. However, everyone loved her.....her style and manners were always the subject of conversation when new people would come around. She was a celebrity in my mind, and I believe I was a celebrity in hers........."
Alan M.

December 2000
    "Once Sedona was born (6/03), Max loved her immediately and became her self-appointed protector. If she cried and I was not in the room, he would nervously come and find me. Max and I understood each other. Whenever we had someone other than myself watching Sedona, he would watchfully follow them around as if he were reporting directly to me. New that Sedona is one year old; she says three words, Mum mum, Da da and dog. He was the mayor of the dog park!

December 2000
    Our son are the best of friends and play together all day. You really handpicked a # 1 puppy for us!
Debbie, Bill & Mikey Wallitsch

    Because of you we had twelve wonderful years with two German Shepherds that were the light in our lives. Gretchem was everything you told us she would be. She brought us years of joy that can never be forgotten.
John & Ann Marie Daquino

April 2000
    "I would like to thank you again for providing GINGER to me and my office. I know she will be an excellent friend, partner, and detector of illegal drugs. I'm very proud of her!!!" "Now she is starting imprinting with Cocaine and learning to search/find with her nose. The trainer is very impressed with her abilities and drive. I can still remember you telling me that she would be a dog with drive, and you were right on the mark."
Jim K., Asst. DA

September 1999
    "Cujo is so beautiful! People are constantly stopping me when I take him running or hiking. They are awestruck by his beauty and size!"
Peg M., VA

    "Sadie will be three in April, our son will be two. They are the best of friends and play together all day. You really handpicked a # 1 puppy for us!"

September 1999
    "I have never had such a loving German Shepherd. He loves being kissed & squeezed & hugged all the time. This dog is one of the best things that's ever happened to me!"
Peg M., VA

    "Abby is doing great. She's the best dog I ever owned. She's so well behaved and intelligent, the way she looks at us when we talk to her is as if she understands every word we say, and she probably does. She loves to play with her ball and Frisbee, we have to throw them both, then she chases one and we have to chase the other. I guess that's so we all get exercise. She's also very protective of everyone in the family, including the cats, but she's not aggressive."

February 1997
    I just wanted to tell you, he is wonderful!! Sweet, gentle, CALM, playful, confident, fearless, loyal are just a few adjectives to describe this dog.
Judy Puchyr

February 1996
    "I would like to thank you for being a great breeder.  I chose to travel 2 1/2 hours to you because: 1) You spent a considerable amount of time on my first visit - before there was any commitment or exchange of money.  2) All of your answers to my questions were backed by reasoning, facts, and experience - knowledge.  3) Your kennel was clean, well equipped, and relatively small (thus the cream of the crop and well taken care of).  4) your love for the breed/animal. 

I am very pleased with "Max".  He is everything I expected: smart/quick learner, outgoing (he loves other dogs and people), energetic, inquisitively/extremely observant (smelling, seeing, as well as hearing), and fearless -- definitely fearless.  He is not afraid of anything!  As for loud noises - no fear.  I dropped a couple of large or loud objects while stumbling over him at my feet - does he jump or run away?  NOPE - he goes into attention mode - what is it, who, what does it smell like? taste like? can I eat it?  He has a great temperament.  I only read about good temperaments, but after being exposed to other puppies and now Max, I understand and see the difference."   Rick

    "Since we brought Kodiac home I just wanted to tell you -- he is wonderful!! Sweet, gentle, CALM, playful, confident, fearless, loyal are just a few adjectives to describe this dog. Thanks again for our fantastic dog."

    "We would like to thank you for the precious puppy, Abby. She is very bright, energetic, and has the sweetest disposition. We are very happy to have her in our home."
Mary Ann & Clifford

    "Thank you for the joy you have added to our lives. Melody is a very loving and sweet dog. She is very protective of her new home."
Jason & Jennifer

Unknown date
    "He is a great dog, exactly as billed by you. We are active in local schutzhund club and he excels at obedience and tracking with great willingness and play drive."
Michael B., MD