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German Shepherd Puppies

Our carefully designed breeding program includes dogs that are hand-picked for their mental and structural soundness, and that come from a long line of dogs proven to possess and produce those characteristics described in the standard for the ideal German Shepherd Dog: character, working ability, reliability, soundness. All this in stunningly beautiful animals that have a proven track record at the highest levels of show and Schutzhund competition.

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This is why I no longer recommend neutering/spaying, and at least recommend waiting until full maturity, the articles below from UCDavis and PLOS ONE are quicker reads if you don't have time for this video
The Truth About Spaying & Neutering
which I still highly recommend since it's from a vet who changed her recommendations as medical stats revealed the harm done by early neutering.



Refer to the For Sale page for Available Pick Pups & Young Dogs in addition to the litters and planned breedings posted here.

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LITTERS Available and Expecting

Our litters are spaced so that we can spend time with the puppies in each litter, evaluating them and enjoying them, introducing them to opportunities to learn and to develop their instincts.

Our pups are usually promised well ahead of time, so please let us know your needs and we can reserve a special pup just for you!

German Shepherds make great family pets!

Star & Puppies
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Because of our commitment to the welfare of our German Shepherds, it is extremely important to us that we help ensure the right "fit" between the pup's personality and the environment in which it will be living once it leaves our care. For this reason, potential buyers should be prepared to answer questions about their reasons for wanting a German Shepherd Dog.

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Because our dogs take up so much of our time, we may not update these litter announcements regularly, so please understand that a litter you see here may already be reserved for others when you contact us.

Since litters are generally sold in advance, we will be happy to provide you with pedigrees and pictures for upcoming litters.

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    Photo Gallery of puppies from past Hollow Hills litters    

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For additional information about any of the puppies listed here, or to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter, please send us an email.

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