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German Shepherd Dogs bred for quality, conformation, temperament, character, and trainability. In short, the perfect blend of beauty and intelligence. With world class pedigrees, our German Shepherd puppies and young adults are available only to discriminating homes. If you are ready for a German Shepherd dog of the highest quality, for Schutzhund, personal protection, police K-9, show or working ability, or for a loving family pet, we take pride in matching you with the appropriate Hollow Hills German Shepherd Dog!

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Why choose a Hollow Hills/vom hohlen Hügel German Shepherd?r an ideal canine companion dog, show prospect, or superior working dog, (police K-9, Schutzhund, agility, tracking, obedience, search and rescue, etc.), we have the expertise and experience to guide you in selecting the right German Shepherd dog for you!


Stano vom Hasenborn   Austrian VA Stano v. Hasenborn, SchH 3, IPO2, Kkl 1 Lbz 'a'
Stano has joined us from a successful show and stud career in Germany and Europe. Stano earned a VA title in Austria and a V-18 at the Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Ulm, Germany. 

Stano is a proven producer, consistently throwing higher quality than himself in each litter.  You can see many of his offspring on my our dogs page (elsewhere on this site) or by clicking the progeny button on my stud page.  In particular, we're thrilled for Christoph Ludwig and his stunning Lana v.d. Zenteiche, who just achieved VA-1 at the 2008 BSZS.  Congratulations to all those who've had such success with their Stano offspring!

I'm pleased and grateful that Zwinger Hasenborn of Germany agreed to release this fine stud dog to join my breeding program and to offer his producing ability to the breeders of the U.S.

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 Stano is the sire of the
2008 BSZS VA-1 World Siegerin
Lana v.d. Zenteiche, SchH 3, Kkl 1 Lbz 'a'


Lana v.d. Zenteiche

QUALITY, character, nobility, versatility, intelligence, soundness, loyalty, and courage. These terms describe the ideal German Shepherd Dog, which is always the goal of our breeding program here at Hollow Hills/vom hohlen Hügel Shepherds.We offer only the finest for discriminating dog owners. Explore our site and find out what we have to offer.

Star v Hasenborn  V-1 Star v Hasenborn, SchH3, Kkl 1 'a'
For ten years Star was my 'main man' and constant companion. Now I must move forward without benefit of his stalwart presence and the uncanny wisdom that evinced itself in his every move. If only the unequaled sense of connectedness could extend beyond life, but though I look for him at my heels I do not find comfort in thoughts of rainbow bridges or reconnecting in another life. He is not here. His sons bear his look, his daughters and granddaughters bear his intelligence and depth of character. But none is him.Future litters of puppies won’t have the head start in life that Star provided in his role as the favorite 'uncle,’ helping to instill in them a love of play and respect for elders. A dog of uncanny intelligence and intuition, Star will remain unrivaled, a truly great dog among many superlatives in my decades with shepherds. I can’t count the visitors who continue to ask about him years later, recalling that Star was the dog that won their hearts, who taught that schutzhund is a sport of trust, love, communication, and devotion between dog and handler. Fare well.

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Stud Dog Gallery 

Pictured at left:
CH. Hollow Hills' Gwydion v Major, CD, TT, AD, OFA

Proud sire of many adorable pups.

Puppies Puppies Puppies 
Our Current and Upcoming Litters
Information on sire & dam, due dates, and availability

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Typical vom hohlen Hügel puppies.

Dogs for Sale 

Pedigrees and more detailed information by request on any of the dogs for sale. German imports (puppies, started young dogs, or Schutzhund titled dogs) may be available.

Photo Gallery 
PHOTO GALLERY (Just for Fun)

Pictured at left:
Beth Dorton and
V-4 Romeo v Pallas Athene, SchH 3, Lbz 1 'a'

Our Dogs 

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VA-6 Unsa vom Hasenborn, SchH 3, Lbz 'a'

Information and photos of our dogs; young stars, finished champions and breeding animals. You'll see what some of our dogs are doing on the campaign trail, along with some of our brood bitches and their accomplishments.

About Hollow Hills 

Pictured at left:
A few of the runs at Hollow Hills.

Photo taken inside the Hollow Hills kennel compound.

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