About Hollow Hills/vom hohlen Hügel

People the world over have come to admire the German Shepherd Dog for its intelligence and versatility, courage and trainability, and of course its noble look. Whatever brings you to your search for a German Shepherd Dog, we hope that the information provided here will excite you about the possibilities of owning a Hollow Hills/vom hohlen Hügel Shepherd (because we breed both American and German import lines, we use both the English and the German translation of our kennel name).  HHGSD

HHGSD At Hollow Hills/vom hohlen Hügel we have been breeding, training, and showing German Shepherds for nearly thirty-five years. Originally this involvement was through the AKC, and we have accumulated a list of accomplishments, among which are eight AKC Champions— including our Champion Hollow Hills’ Nimue v Major, OFA who was ranked #4 nationally— as well as several obedience title holders, including a ranking in the top ten nationally. Performance, temperament, soundness, health and longevity have always been of higher priority than show wins in our breeding program, and we generally incorporated German import dogs into our pedigrees. For some years now we have dealt almost exclusively with dogs imported from the foremost West German bloodlines, in order to combine the best possible genetics to provide for the health, longevity, intelligence, temperament, and conformational excellence for each succeeding generation of our German Shepherds.

HHGSDOur breeding program is intended for the betterment of the breed, the kennel is small and litters are carefully planned. All pups are born in the house, graduating to large grassy paddocks for romping and roughhousing. They have socialization with other breeds of dogs while playing with our Rat terriers, Pomeranian, and poodle, and are exposed to our horses, chickens, and the occasional woodchuck, deer, turkey or other woodland neighbors who frequent our property. German Shepherds are an intelligent, sensitive, people-oriented breed that do not reach full potential without proper socialization and early mental stimulation. Rest assured that vom hohlen Hügel puppies are provided with the kind of start in life that provides a sound foundation for reaching their full potential as competitors or companions.

HHGSD As marvelous as German Shepherd Dogs are, they are not a breed that is appropriate for everyone. They have the innate energy levels of a natural working dog, and therefore require a dedicated dog owner to provide the requisite amounts of exercise and attention to keep them happy and healthy. They are not for the weak-willed, as their intelligence will soon have them ruling the household if proper human authority isn’t provided. Ideally they should have a “job” to do, as this is when they are most satisfied (dogs of our breeding have succeeded in obedience, schutzhund, agility, search & rescue, tracking, therapy work, and a multitude of other endeavors). Even a family pet must have formal obedience training to be a proper canine citizen.

HHGSD Our puppies are given a temperament evaluation (the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, or PAT) at seven weeks of age. This, together with our close interaction with the puppies from birth, helps us to make recommendations as to the best matching of the puppies’ talents & traits with the situation into which the pups may be going, whether for show, schutzhund, family companion, or other work.

HHGSD If raising a puppy just isn’t practical for you, we do have other alternatives. We can provide custom-trained young dogs, or for more specialized purposes, fully titled adults. In addition, I travel to Germany several times a year, and am able to custom import dogs, either young adults or fully titled dogs, from either the West German Sieger lines or the more serious working lines. I work primarily with Werner & Frank Maxein, of Zwinger Hasenborn, and have found them to be impeccably honest and accommodating. Occasionally I will have a young or fully titled adult of my own that may become available. This is not a commercial kennel, so visiting is by appointment. We will try to accommodate visits but appreciate your understanding that time is a limited commodity, and the kids and dogs come first!

The kennel is at my home on eight acres in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The kennel compound is spacious, with large exercise paddocks and a two-acre fenced area for group play. Plus, since I'm an avid hiker and a casual trail racer I spend a great deal of time exercising, so each dog who's able-bodied gets to accompany me on long walks/jogs in the surrounding woods and country roads. Since my kids moved on to their own lives, and I no longer manage my former husband's veterinary clinic, I have turned my main house into a Rooming/Boarding house and thus only keep some of the dogs as house pets, but all of them get to come spend some time indoors for socializing, and my house guests all understand that puppies get priority treatment in the house.

When buying a puppy from Hollow Hills/ vom hohlen Huegel, it will have received the vaccinations and wormings it needs for its age. Your veterinarian will provide additional boosters, flea/tick and heartworm treatments as you continue to maintain your puppy's ongoing health and wellness protocol. Generally the pups are spoken for well before weaning, often before birth, so do contact me early so that I can work with you to match your needs to the most suitable pup. Because of my commitment to breeding better dogs, I stand behind them. I'm a signer of the Breeders' Code of Ethics of the GSDCA, and am one of the AKC's designated Breeder of Merit which is designated by having produced a requisite number of champions, performance title winners, and following responsible genetic principles. There is no way to breed a perfect dog, but I do try! My German bloodlines come from the foremost Hochzuchtlines which are the result of adherence to the strict criteria of the Verein fur Deutsche Schaeferhunde, and in my AKC program I continue to follow that example by certifying hips & elbows, doing DM testing, and pursuing performance and conformation titles.



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