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German Shepherd Dogs of
Distinction for the Discriminating

Hollow Hills/ vom hohlen Hügel German Shepherd Dogs proudly offers the finest German import and AKC bloodline German Shepherd Dogs. Parents are fully titled, from the premiere hochzuchtlines of Germany, which means they've been Koered, V rated, endurance tested, schutzhund titled, hip certified, and temperament certified before being allowed to contribute to the next generation of this fine breed. Puppies are often Sieger or VA sired, and receive Volhard Puppy Aptitude testing, appropriate vaccinations and health checks prior to offering them to their new homes. We offer exceptional quality puppies, trained young adults, fully titled adults, custom imports, all from bloodlines of distinction from Germany and the USA. All of our German Shepherd puppies and German Shepherd dogs are guaranteed in writing against congenital or genetic defects that would prove to be life-limiting, and we are signers of the Breeders' Code of Ethics of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA). Our dogs are AKC registered and often dual registered with the Verein fur Deutsche Schaeferhunde. We're members of the GSDCA-WDA, and of the SV in Germany, and our versatile German Shepherds successfully compete in schutzhund events, obedience trials, agility trials, dogs shows, and are used as narcotics dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, personal protection dogs, and of course companions of distinction.